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  • Shop Pest Control Electromagnetic Products Pest

    Pest Free USA is a non-toxic, plug-in, electronic pest repeller using electromagnetic ultrasonic technology to remove rodents, rats, mice without chemicals.

  • Electromagnetic Materials Steward Advanced Materials

    We offer a broad range of electromagnetic materials such as metal alloys and ferrites that absorb energy across the entire RF and microwave spectrum.

  • EMF Safety Superstore Electromagnetic Field Meters

    The Ultimate Source for Electromagnetic Field Pollution Meters and Detectors, EMF Shielding Devices and Protection Information

  • ANSYS Emag Ozen Engineering and ANSYS

    Electromagnetics Solutions Products The ANSYS electromagnetics solution is a comprehensive offering for electromagnetic analysis. The product offering includes: ANSYS Emag ANSYS Emag software addresses the analysis needs of the low-frequency electromagnetics applications such as micro-electromechanical devices (MEMS),

  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Safety from Safe Space Protection

    Protect yourself from Electromagnetic field radiation exposure. Information about safety and actions to take. Risk reduction products from Safe Space Protection.

  • Silly Beliefs Magnetic Therapy Real Healing or Scam?

    Links to Magnetic Therapy Articles There are some excellent articles on the Internet explaining and debunking magnetic therapy. The following articles will provide you with some of the information needed to start looking critically at the claims of those promoting magnetic therapy products.



  • Electromagnetic Pumps Precimeter

    Electromagnetic pumps withstanding up to 800°C; suitable for aluminium (Al), magnesium (Mg), lead (Pb), tin (Sn) and zinc (Zn). Other material is available upon request. A very decisive factor for high-quality cast products is a turbulence-free and gas-free flow of the liquid melt that is as laminar as possible during the casting process.

  • DefenderShield EMF Protection

    The trusted worldwide leader in EMF protection & safety, DefenderShield is the gold standard in cell phone, laptop, tablet and computer EMF radiation & RFID shielding. Our technology blocks up to virtually 100% of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), making it the most effective EMF radiation shielding ever developed.

  • Magnetic Field Therapy PEMF Products PEMF.com History

    Todorov published the first book on modern electromagnetic field therapy in 1982 in Bulgaria. This work summarized clinical observations using magnetic fields to treat 2700 patients with 33 different pathologies.

  • Products « EMP and Solar Protection Technologies

    EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Protection EMP

    Electromagnetic Pulse Protection. How individuals (and small organizations) can protect themselves against the damage caused by electromagnetic pulse.

  • EMF Protection Products

    The Energy Harmonizer will also help to neutralize the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation within a room, although we would advise also using other more specialized products found on this website for specific sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as from computers, etc.

  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy PEMF

    PEMF pulsed electromagnetic field therapy effective for knee pain, back pain, for treatment of osteo arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. PEMF builds new cartilage in joints and increases bone density.

  • Electromagnetic Simulation Products ANSYS

    ANSYS Electromagnetics software is the premier, integrated solution for electromagnetic field, circuit, systems and multiphysics simulation and analysis.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

    Is your Wi-Fi doing a real number on your health? We take a closer look at electromagnetic radiation, including common-sense ways to lower your exposure.

  • Electro Magnetic Products Inc Dun & Bradstreet

    Electro Magnetic Products Inc is located at 355 Crider Ave in Moorestown and has been in the business of Manufacturing Die Sets

  • Magnetic Field Therapy PEMF Products PEMF.com

    The primary purpose of this website is to give those interested in PEMF's (pulsed electromagnetic fields) insights into the fundamental significance, the...

  • Electromechanics Wikipedia

    In engineering, electromechanics combines ... Often involving electromagnetic principles such as in relays, which allow a voltage or current to control another, ...